Rules and Regulations for the 2023 PK Classic

feet of soccer player standing beside a ball

Age Divisions/Birth Year

Under 8 - Born in 2016*
Under 9 - Born in 2015
Under 10 - Born in 2014
Under 11 - Born in 2013
Under 12 - Born in 2012
Under 13 - Born in 2011
Under 14 - Born in 2010
Under 15 - Born in 2009
Under 16 - Born in 2008
Under 17 - Born in 2007
Under 18 - Born in 2006
Under 19 - Born in 2005

*U8 teams will be required to play 7v7 and will be bracketed accordingly.

Length of Games and Game Clock

All games will start at the scheduled time with a 5-minute break between halves.  No warm-up on the fields. The Tournament Committee reserves the right to suspend or terminate games. The game clock runs continuously with no added time.

Division Game Length Ball Size
U-08 - U-10 2  -  25 minute halves


U-11 & U-12 2  -  25 minute halves #4
U-13 & U-14 2  -  30 minute halves #5
U-15 -  U-19 2  -  35 minute halves #5



  • All teams must have an alternate set of jerseys.  In the event of conflict of jersey colors, the home team (first team listed on schedule) will change uniforms.  
  • All players must wear shin guards covered by their socks.  
  • Casts, splints or body braces made of a hard substance must be covered on all outside surfaces with no less than 1/2 inch thick padding to protect the injury.  The referee’s decision to allow or not allow a cast is final.


All games will be played at the outdoor fields at the Portage Soccer Complex and River Oaks Soccer Complex.. All venues (parking areas and fields) do not allow alcohol, tobacco or pets. Please leave these items at home.

Pre-Tournament Team Registration

Teams are required to complete on-line check in or check in Friday evening from 3:00-8:00 PM at the Portage Soccer Complex (4422 Bishop Avenue). The following items are required for team check in:

  • Official team roster
  • Tournament roster
  • Player pass cards
  • Player signed CDC parent and athlete concussion information sheet
  • Guest player pass (MI players use MSYSA guest player form available at
  • Medical release forms (notary not required)
  • Completed Portage SC waiver of liability form
  • Coach risk management certification
  • Coach CDC heads-up concussion certificate (MSYSA) or NFHS concussion in sports certificate no older than 3 years from date of completion.
  • Safe Sports certificate- must be valid and no older than 1 year from date of completion.
  • Out-of-state teams must provide a copy of their permission to travel form

All teams are required to have their player passes checked at their scheduled field at least 20 minutes prior to each game by the Field Coordinator assigned to that field.

Definition of Club

  • A “club” is defined as an organization provided soccer to youth players.
  • At no time shall an affiliated member of MSYSA who functions as a “scheduling league” also be considered a club.
  • In the case where a club sets up one or more satellite clubs in the state, those satellite clubs may only be considered part of the main club for the purposes of the tournament if the teams and players from the satellite club are registered with the main club and their registration software account.
  • The only exception to the above is if all the following criteria are met:
    • The main club and satellite club have the same Board of Directors
    • The main club and satellite club have the same Tax ID Number
    • The main club and satellite club are in the same MSYSA District as determined by the MSYSA Board of Directors.

Risk Management and Concussion Policy

All MSYSA team officials must be risk management certified by MSYSA and must be able to present their risk management cards at any time during the tournament.  Team officials from other state associations and/or organizations must be able to show proof of their organization’s equivalent risk management certification.

All coaches and managers (or team officials) must have a valid CDC Heads-Up Concussion Certificate (MSYSA) or the NFHS Concussion in Sports Certificate.

Safesport Compliance

All team officials must have a valid SafeSport certification.

Number of Players

Division Game Max Roster Min Roster Guest Players
U-08- U-10  7 v 7 12 6 3
U-11 & U-12 9 v 9 16 7 4
U-13 thru U-19 11 v 11   22 7 5

*maximum 18 players can dress per game.

Team Rosters

An official team roster based on the 2023-2024 seasonal year must be on file with each team's application. A final tournament roster must be submitted at the time of team check in including any guest players. Player’s names cannot be added once the tournament begins.  Age appropriate players from within the same club, but on different rosters (Pass Card Players) may play on the same team within the tournament and are not considered guest players. An official team roster for each Pass Card Player must be included with the tournament team registration paperwork as a way of verifying eligibility. The tournament roster must contain at least 50% of the registering team’s official roster. No player may play or be registered on more than one team within the tournament.

A “Club” is defined as an organization providing soccer to youth players that is either a direct member of MSYSA or that registers players in MSYSA through an affiliated member. At no time shall an affiliated member who functions as a “scheduling” league also be considered a club. In the case where a club sets up one or more satellite clubs in the state, those satellite clubs will be considered as different clubs. The only exception to this is if special request is approved by the PK Classic Tournament Director.

Division Placement

When practical the tournament will have multiple divisions. Special requests for team placement in a division one age group higher will be considered. Division placement will be based on team record provided in the application. The Tournament Director reserves the right to create or adjust age divisions in all age groups to accommodate divisions and brackets.

Schedules and Scores

Following the conclusion of a game both coaches are required to sign the official scorecard to confirm the final score and to obtain team player pass cards. Coaches are responsible for checking the accuracy of scores reported on the official scoreboard at the Portage Soccer Complex.

Coaches and Managers

Teams shall take the same side of the field for their benches. The home team is located on the north side of the midfield line, provides the game ball and kicks off to begin the game. The visiting team is located on the south side of the midfield line. Parents and spectators shall take the opposite sideline from the teams. No spectators, coaches or team officials are allowed behind goal areas. A maximum of three (3) coaches per team is allowed. Teams must have a rostered team official on its sideline. Coaches are responsible for the conduct of their team, parents and supporters.


  • The Tournament utilizes a 2023-2024 referee assignor certified by US Soccer Federation
  • All referee assigning will be done through the Game Officials system
  • Out-of-area referees must show photo identification to verify identity


Unlimited substitutions may be made at the following stoppages of play with the permission of the referee.

  • After a goal by either team
  • Before a goal kick by either team
  • Prior to a throw-in or corner kick in your favor.  If both teams are substituting then on either teams’ throw-in or corner kick.
  • For a player who has received a yellow card, but only if the game has not been restarted.  The opposing team may substitute one for one
  • Between halves (referee notification of substitution of goalkeeper is required)
  • After an injury when the referee stops play (one for one)

Ejections - Red Card Policy

  • Three yellow cards to any one player during the tournament will result in ineligibility for the next scheduled tournament game. 
  • One red card ejection will eliminate that player from the remainder of the game in which he/she is red carded and at least one more game as determined by the Tournament Committee based on the gravity of the incident. No substitutions can be made for the red carded player during the red carded game. If the ejection causes the team to play with less than the minimum required, the game will be stopped.
  • Any player, coach, assistant or manager who does not sit out the related number of games during the tournament must sit out the required number of games starting with his/her next scheduled league game.
  • Any coach who plays a red carded player who has not sat out the required game(s) will cause his/her team to forfeit games in which the ineligible player participates. All red and yellow cards will be reported to the applicable state association.


Ties will be allowed to stand in preliminary rounds. For semi-final or final games, if the score is tied at the end of regulation play, two five (5) minute overtime periods will be played in their entirety (no sudden death endings). If the score is still tied at the end of the second five (5) minute overtime, penalty kicks will be taken in accordance with FIFA rules to determine the outcome of the game.


Teams will be ranked in order of points earned for wins and ties (3 points for each win, 1 point for each tie, 0 points for each loss). Among teams with the same number of points, final placing will be determined by the following tie-breaker rules which will be applied in the order outlined below.

  • First Tie Breaker:  Head to head (not applicable if the tie involves 3 or more teams)
  • Second Tie Breaker:  Goal differential (subtract total goals allowed from total goals scored [maximum 4 goal differential per game])
  • Third Tie Breaker:  Goals against (fewest goals allowed)
  • Fourth Tie Breaker:  Goals scored (most goals scored [maximum 5 per game])
  • Fifth Tie Breaker:  Penalty kicks (Tournament Committee will determine time and field location)


A maximum of five (5) minutes grace period will be allowed after a scheduled kick-off time before a game is awarded to an opponent (weather or tournament delays not included). Any team leaving the field during play will result in a forfeit. In no case shall a team, which has forfeited a game, advance in the tournament. A forfeit will be recorded as a 3 to 0 win for the opposing team with maximum bonus points.

Blood Safety Rule

If during the course of a game a player is witnessed to have an open sore or wound, the referee will require the player to leave the field. As in the case of an injury, the player can be substituted. The opposing team, if desired, may substitute (one for one). The referee will determine the player's status for return only after complete clean up (including uniform) has been accomplished.

Inclement Weather

The tournament will follow US Soccer’s position statement that indicates when lightning is seen or thunder is heard, play will be delayed 30 minutes before resuming activities.

Should severe weather occur during the tournament play and the Tournament Committee suspends play, a seek shelter warning will be issued by the sounding of air horns. For the safety of players and spectators, please adhere to this warning, clear the fields quickly and seek shelter in your vehicle.

In the event of inclement weather the Tournament Committee reserves the right to: 

  • Relocate and/or reschedule games
  • Reduce the scheduled duration of a game
  • Cancel a game

In the event of inclement weather forcing play to be halted and preventing the game from being completed during its scheduled time, the following rules will apply:

  • A game will only be played inside of its original game window. 
  • If the game starts and is canceled in the first half, it will be considered a 0-0 draw.
  • If the game starts and is canceled in the second half, that score will stand and it will be considered complete.
  • If the game can’t fit inside that window, a penalty kick shootout will determine the winner.
  • If neither the championship game nor a penalty kick shootout can take place due to weather/time, a champion will be determined based on prior pool play and standard tie breaker rules.
    • If a champion cannot be determined based on pool play and standard tie breaker rules we will work with both team coaches/managers to handle the best result for all involved. 

Tournament Cancellation

Should the tournament not have enough teams to conduct a tournament and the tournament is cancelled, team fees will be refunded due to tournament cancellation. 

Elimination of Heading Policy

  • MSYSA has eliminated heading for players U11 (Birth year 2013) and younger. This directive is to protect players 10 years old and younger regardless of what age group they are playing in. A purposeful header by these players Heading: shall result in an indirect free kick awarded to the opponent at the spot of the infraction. If the header occurs within the goal area, the indirect free kick shall be taken on the goal area line parallel to the goal line at the point nearest to where the infringement occurred. This mandate is for all MSYSA affiliated activities, including but not limited to, MSYSA affiliated member organization league play, practices and tournaments.
  • All players age 10 (Birth year 2013) and younger, regardless of what age group they play in, may not head the ball.

7 v 7 Modified Rules (U8-U10)

  1. Substitutions are allowed at any game stoppage with the referee’s permission.
  2. Build out lines are used. The build out line promotes playing the ball out of the back when the goalkeeper has control with their hands of the ball. The opposing team must move behind the build out line. Once the opposing team is behind the build out line, the goalkeeper can pass, throw or roll the ball to a teammate. If the goalkeeper chooses to play before it is at their own risk. Punting and drop kicks are not allowed.
    •  The build out line is marked midway between the top of the penalty box (not the arc) and the halfway line.
    •  Once the ball is in play the opposing team can cross the build out line and play resumes.
  3. The offside rule is enforced from the build out line to the goal line. Players cannot be penalized for offside between the build out line and the halfway line.
  4. Pass back to the goalkeeper is enforced. Goalkeeper may play the ball at feet but not handle.
  5. Fouls and misconduct restarts may be direct or indirect kicks. All players must be six (6) yards from all restarts. Penalty kicks will be taken from the ten (10) yard line.
  6. Goal kick restarts with ball on the ground inside the four (4) yard box.

9 v 9 Modified Rules (U11-U12)

  1. Heading not allowed in U11.
  2. The offside rule is enforced.
  3. Pass back rule to the goalkeeper is enforced. Goalkeeper may play the ball with feet but not hands.
  4. Fouls and misconduct restarts may be direct or indirect kicks. All players must be eight (8) yards from all restarts. Penalty kicks will be taken from the ten (10) yard line.
  5. Goal kick restarts with the ball on the ground inside the five (5) yard box.

Protests and Appeals

No protests or appeals are allowed. The decision of the Tournament Committee is final.